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It's that wonderful time of year where holidays and excessive chocolate consumption combine to send kids and parents into overdrive. What better way to keep big and little kiddies entertained whilst building excitement for the holiday than creating your own Easter cake project which you can do by simply using our starter kit and a few extra decorations which aren't hard to source....mainly left over Easter eggs!!


This kit comes with all the ingredients to make a delicious cake smothered in your preferred colour buttercream and offers you an eggcellent way to use up all that left over chocolate after the Easter egg hunt.  Everything in our starter kit is weighed and measured to minimise wastage, all you need to add is eggs, butter and a few decorations to make it your own creation. We even include two disposable pans to make washing up a dream and a cake board for serving. Our Starter Kits will make a cake that will feed 20 adults and 30 children’s party bag sized portions.

We have made our own little Easter project and  decided to take a few days to complete it (not because we couldn’t resist eating the first batch of mini eggs honest!!) The kids loved adding to the cake each day until their masterpiece was suitable for the Easter Bunny’s approval. It’s the perfect activity for the 4 days of Easter. Be warned, this is high on the fun scale but oh so messy. But aren’t the best days spent creating a little mischief in the kitchen?

Here is our step by step guide, but the best part about our starter kit is that you can hop to it anyway you want and let your creativity blossom.


Unpack your starter kit (which you can purchase here) and follow the easy step-by-step guide to create your two layered Victoria sponge cake and then pop it in the freezer over-night, your cake will be so much easier to cover with icing when frozen.


Use the instructions to make your butter cream and then take your sponges out of the freezer. Ice your cake all over but don’t worry too much if it’s not perfectly smooth.


Next, it’s time to get messy! Create the perfect splatter mix with 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder with 1 1/2 tablespoons of vanilla extract. To create the right paint consistency, stir well until cocoa is completely dissolved. If you want to keep your kitchen clean, we recommend you cover all surfaces, especially if under 10’s are holding the brush.

If you are confident you have the right technique then you can start to splatter straight on your cake but if you need a few practice runs, start with a sheet of baking paper. Take your paintbrush with a small amount of chocolate and gently flick with your finger. Best to keep it close to the surface of the cake for the perfect finish.

 Cover the cake with your desired level of splatter and allow to dry. If your brush gets blocked up, simply rinse, dry and start again so that the splatter is quite delicate all over.


Time to bring out the Easter basket. You can hunt for any type of egg or Easter themed edible decoration you like to finish off your cake. You can keep pastel themed like us or go bold and introduce some vibrant colours. Try adding shredded rice paper under the eggs to create a nest-like effect!


Its time to share your creation with friends and family (although you could also tuck into after Sunday Lunch....your cake, you decide when to eat it) just see if you can try to stop at just one slice, we couldn’t.  Enjoy and if you would like to share your Easter creations with us, tag us @craft_crumb and use the hashtags




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