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Parties are back! 

Our award winning bake and craft kit party bags are a memorable and unique gift that continue the fun after the party has ended!

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Why use our Party Bags?


You can choose to have a sticker on the front that reads. Thank you for celebrating 'My' Party or you can add a personalised name label.


We embrace the opportunity to be environmentally and socially responsible. Sustainable party bags for all fun occasions 

Award Winning 

We are really thrilled and proud that our party bags won Gold in the Junior Design Awards. It's a true testament to the party bags!

Fun even after
the party is over

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Best Sellers!

Dinosaur Biscuits Kit
Dinosaur Biscuits Kit
High Quality Baking Kit
Parents and Children Baking Activity
Baking With The Little Ones
Homemade Biscuits
Healthy Cooking

Dinosaur biscuit kit party bag

Pawsome Party Bag (kitty)
Pawsome Party Bag (kitty)
Craft Ideas For Kids
Baking Activities For Kids

Pawsome Party Bag (kitty)

Dog Biscuit Cookies
Dog Biscuit Cookies
Cool Baking Ideas
Baking Ideas For Kids
Kid-friendly Baking Recipes

Pawsome Party Bag (woof)

Dotty Biscuits Recipes
Dotty Biscuits Recipes
Biscuit Party Kits
Baking Party Ideas
Biscuit Recipes
Children's Fun
Party Gifts
Party Bags For Kids

Dotty biscuit kit party bag

sweetie party bag
sweetie party bag
sweetie party bags
sweetie party bag
sweetie jewellery party bag
fun party bags for kids
make your own jewellery for kids

Sweetie strings kit party bag

Birthday Box
Birthday Box
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cookie Party Bags For Kids
Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Baking Chocolate Cookies With Kids
Easy Cookie Recipes For Children

Chocolate Chip cookie Party Bag

Party Pancake Kit
Party Pancake Kit
Party Pancake Kit
Party Pancake Kit
Party Pancake Kit

Party Pancake Kit

unicorn party bag
unicorn party bag
party bags for kids
party bags unicorn biscuits
unicorn biscuits
birthday unicorn biscuits

Unicorn Biscuit Kit Party Bag


Party Bag themes

to suit every party!

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Gluten & Dairy Free Party Bag Options Available