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The Rule of Crumb - Triplets in my Kitchen

The Rule of Crumb is our new series of bite sized interviews where we give you the chance to learn more about the wonderful people who delight and inspire us.

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome our first guests on The Rule of Crumb, the amazing Triplets in my Kitchen. It is an absolute joy to follow their journey in creative baking and cooking as it is always sprinkled with endless giggles and laughter. We are in awe of some of their creations, they are seriously talented! Our favourite is definitely their Santa bread last Christmas, check it out here.

We hope you enjoy getting to know Monika, Kayla and Sienna. Join their fun filled baking adventures and follow them on Instagram @triplets_in_my_kitchen

Image Credit - @triplets_in_my_kitchen


Tell us a bit about yourself

We are 10 year old identical triplets who love to bake & cook and generally help out in the kitchen. We also enjoy gymnastics & being in nature.

We started baking with our mum when we were about 2 years old. We’d help sifting flour and mixing, but the best part had to be the tasting bit!

Who inspires you?

We are inspired by our mum and our two grandmothers. They all love to cook and bake and always cook from scratch. Matthew from The Bread Ahead Bakery has been a great inspiration over the last year especially when Bread Ahead had their daily LIVEIG tutorials. @cooking_with_kiara10 inspires us too with her determination and passion for cooking.

Describe your ultimate birthday party

Kayla’s ultimate birthday party would be jungle/animal themed as she loves animals. She’d have a room decorated with jungle animal balloons and greenery to resemble a jungle. Her cake would be a marble cake decorated as a koala. Kayla had a fluffy koala toy when she was little which she sadly lost. She has always loved koalas. The party activities would include cupcake decorating where her friends would be asked to decorate a cupcake as a jungle animal.

Monika’s ultimate party would have to be a dog theme! She imagines dog shaped helium balloons amongst some blue & orange helium balloons with confetti inside. She’d love a red velvet cake decorated as a cavalier king charles spaniel (her favourite dog). She’d ask all her friends to come dressed up as their favourite dog and would vote for her favourite outfit at the party. Monika would love to play lots of traditional party games especially limbo.

Sienna’s ultimate party would be a water fun party! Lots of water guns, a water slide, a pool and water balloons! Luckily their birthday is in May so the weather is usually warmer. She’d love a chocolate cake decorated as an island with lots of palm trees. She’d serve her friends some fruit smoothies & some pineapple and strawberry fruit skewers & pizza.

Image Credit - @triplets_in_my_kitchen

What is your favourite party food?

Our favourite party food includes doughnuts and meringues.

All time favourite food?

Monika, Kayla & Sienna’s absolute favourite food is pasta.

Is there any type of food you’d like to ban forever?

We would ban meat and chicken because it’s not fair that animals are being killed for humans to eat.

Image Credit - @triplets_in_my_kitchen

If you could plan the “perfect day”, what would you do?

Monika’s perfect day would be a day when she could hug all the dogs in the world. On her perfect day, she would also like to go to a water park and eat lots of pasta!

Kayla’s perfect day would include buying herself a hamster, going to Disneyland and eating waffles with maple syrup & pasta with sweetcorn & peas.

Sienna’s perfect day would be to go to GoApe adventure park, a water park and a trampoline park all on the same day! And to eat 1000 cinnamon rolls during the day!

What would be your dream job in the future?

Monika would love to be a chef and interior designer. Kayla would like to be a dog walker and hamster breeder and Sienna would like to be a gemologist.

Image Credit - @triplets_in_my_kitchen

If you were a superhero, what would be your name and what powers would you have?

Monika’s Magical Flash and her super powers would be to have super strength and to be able to turn anything into a cookie!

Spectacular Sienna’s superpower would be to be able to turn a gram of food into a kilogram of food so she would be able to give food to homeless people.

What is the one thing you’d like to invent that you think will make life easier for you or someone you love?

Monika would like to invent a ‘quicker eater machine’ to help children eat a little quicker at dinner times.

Image Credit - @triplets_in_my_kitchen

If you owned a restaurant, what dishes would definitely make it onto your menu?

At Monika’s restaurant, she would have tomato pasta, broccoli macaroni cheese, Greek salad, pizza and vegetable soup. At Kayla’s restaurant, she would serve all the different types of pasta, margarita pizza, sweetcorn fritters, bean burgers and brownies. Sienna’s restaurant menu would include leek and potato soup, Greek salad, margherita pizza & meringue with strawberries.

If your pets could talk, what would they say?

If our hamster could talk, he would say, ‘I want to play with you. I love you’.

If you can swim in a pool filled with food, which food would you pick?

Kayla would choose a pool filled with pomegranate. Sienna would love a pool with crunchy red peppers and Monika would love a pool filled with pasta.