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Our commitment to sustainability

We embrace the opportunity to be environmentally and socially responsible whilst delivering joy to our customers. This commitment is at the heart of all we to strive to achieve in our business.
The amount of single or limited use plastic toys and novelties given to children in a party bag or as a gift troubled us and we knew there was a better way forward.
The foundation and ethos of our business is to produce environmentally sustainable gifting solutions.
Our mission is to provide families with opportunities to create and bake memories, not landfill.
We love our packaging. Not only are we proud of how it looks, but it is also doing everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint.
Our instructional leaflets are curbside recyclable. The Corrugated cardboard in our packaging Is recyclable and compostable and FSC certified. The Kraftpak boxes are recyclable and compostable and FSC certified. 
We are committed to reducing the plastic wrapping and waste in all our kits. Wherever there is a non-plastic option, we have embraced it.  All plastic has been removed from our cupcake and biscuit pouches and the are now suitable for home recycling.  All non-recyclable plastic from external suppliers is kept to a minimum and we are dedicated to contributing a percentage of profit to environmental charities to offset our carbon footprint from these elements.
Our packaging sustainability is a key business priority. We are continually striving to enhance our current practices and will be investigating all future innovations for viability.
 packaging sustainability
We produce all our own cake and biscuit mixes using locally produced and natural raw ingredients.  We ensure that we use organic produce where possible and our cake and biscuit mixes are all produced with a “no hidden additives, preservatives or ‘nasties’” guarantee.
We are committed to employ a ‘zero food waste’ policy as all our kits are supplied with exact measurements required for each activity to be completed.
Where we source items externally, we choose our partners very carefully. They must share our beliefs for a sustainable future and have achieved the relevant sustainability certifications.
We choose to work with companies that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified where all palm oil is sourced entirely from sustainable farming. 
We believe in not only serving our wonderful customers but the world around us. We work with non-profit organisations and we support a number of local schools and charities and food banks.
At Craft & Crumb we believe sustainability is more than protecting the environment. It's also about caring for animals, the communities we serve and employing a responsive and empathic philosophy for the world around us.
Our animal welfare standards are as high as our commitment to providing you with quality products.
Where possible, we recommend using eggs that are free-range and choosing organic & Cruelty free honey, milk and butter products.  Our externally sourced decorating items in our kits are either Palm Oil free or RSPO certified where palm oil is sourced from sustainable farming practices.