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Baking Essentials Guide

At Craft & Crumb we aim to making baking with kids as easy as possible. You don't need fancy tricks or tools to bake some magic with our kits but if your mini star bakers want to take their skills to the next level, we have complied a list of our fave products that will help you on your journey.

Adjustable rolling pin

This rolling pin is fantastic to ensure you get the same size dough or sugar paste every time. Fantastic for cookies or cupcake topers but also great for making pizza bases or pie tops too. 

Hand mixer

If you don't have the room or the budget for a stand mixer this little whizz will do most things that you need in your baking adventures. Small but mighty, it's great for mixing cakes, whipping cream or creating meringue peaks. 

Stand mixer

If you don't have one chances are you would desperately love to get your oven mitts on this kitchen essential. Kitchen Aid is the best of the best for stand mixers and the bonus is that they look so good in your kitchen. Whether its cakes, cookies, pizza or bread, this one will handle it with ease. The only hard choice is which colour you want!

Silicon baking mats

These are an absolute game changer. They are super easy to clean, non- stick and the best bit is there is no further need for disposable baking paper! Silpat is the original and is favoured by professional bakers.


Piping bags and icing tips

Having a collection of different icing tips in your baking kit will help you to create an array of different designs on your cupcakes. This is a prefect kit for beginners to get you used to working with icing to bring your designs to life. 

Fondant Stamps

Using a fondant stamp can be a fun additional pattern to your Art Class Biscuit Kit. Stamp your message and colour to create a mini munchable masterpiece.

Digital scales

We love this set of scales as it is very easy to keep clean and is flat to allow for different size and shape mixing bowls you might use in your baking. 

Silicon utensil set

This cute little baking set from Lakeland is great for little hands in the kitchen. This set has everything you need to create delicious cakes, cookies and flip some pancakes. It also contains a fantastic little pastry brush which is essential for brushing scones or bread to get a golden top.

Worktop saver

These are fantastic to use for mixing up your cookie dough and rolling it out in preparation to cut your shapes out. It is easy to clean, non-stick and makes it super easy and hygienic to work with your dough.

Colour Swirl Icing Kit

This is a super fun tool to create multi-colour icing tops for your cupcakes. This is a must have for anyone wanting to create unicorn or outer-space cupcakes.

Fondant cutting tools

A starter pack of fondant tools are great to get you used to working with fondant to start creating 3D fondant shapes and patterns. 

Flexible dough scraper

We have been experimenting with more bread baking of late and have found a flexible dough scraper an invaluable tool. It lets us lift the dough with ease and makes cutting even balls of dough for rolls or hot cross buns so simple. As it is flexible, we also use it to get the extra bits of icing and cake mix out of the bowl and also cleaning up the bench after baking. 


Shallow cake pans to make rainbow cakes

When making rainbow, ombre cakes or regular taller cakes, these pans will make it so much easier to stack evenly sized layers. That are also fabulous for brownies or a delicious deep dish lava cookie. 


Ice cream scoop for round cookies and cake pops

Using an ice cream scoop is a great tool to use when making even sized cookies and cake pops as it ensures you are taking the same amount of mixture each time. We also use it for scooping up a side of ice cream when we make delicious salted caramel brownies. John Lewis has a number of great options depending upon your budget and requirements. 


Most ovens have a timer and we all have a phone but we love this little timer to let the kids take control of setting the time. 

Nesting mixing bowls and measuring spoons

This set is great for keeping all your mixing and measuring tools neatly together. We also love it as it maximisers the storage available in your kitchen. 

Cooling rack

Cooling racks are great for cooling your baking more evenly and quicker so that you can get to the fun part of decorating. This multi pack is great for small and big bakes and is non-stick to make clean up a breeze.