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Baking with tweens

Baking with tweens is an enjoyable way to foster independent expression and learning, critical thinking and problem solving. Baking and decorating cakes and cookies is also fantastic for developing creative skills and reinforces the importance of following instructions. 

Here are some of our favourite baking kits for tweens:

Pizza Biscuit Baking Kit

Pizza and biscuits surely are a winning combination so we thought we would put them together into a wonderful Pizza Biscuit baking kit!

Make your own sweetie jewellery activity kit

A simple but VERY enjoyable activity for children to do... creating delicious jewellery out of sweet treats from their box.  They even come with a create your own jewellery box craft activity To keep all their delicious creations inside!

Art Class Biscuit Kit

We've got creative expression covered with our art class biscuit kit... this one is most definitely one they wont forget in a hurry as they get to munch on their masterpieces at the end!

Watercolour biscuit kit

When art and baking collide!  Our watercolour biscuit kit lets you bake and paint your very own artwork on a delicious biscuit.