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Birthday Parties Are Back

Hip Hip Hooray, it's nearly time to all come together and celebrate birthday parties again.

Obviously we can barely contain our excitement and can't wait to celebrate all belated and current birthdays once restrictions are lifted.

Providing the rules for easing lockdown continue to move forward as planned, from March 29 outdoor gatherings in a public or private garden of either 6 people or 2 households will be permitted. 

Most of your favourite party venues will begin opening on April 12, however, there may still be restrictions on their ability to book more than 6 people for a party just yet.

May 17 is really outdoor party day where you can invite up to 30 of your nearest and dearest to celebrate your special day.

It's time to dust off the dancing shoes, pop on your party planning hat and start organising the most epic birthday or celebration parties of the decade.

Birthday Themed Gifts

If you can't all get together just yet, our birthday themed kits are perfect to bring a bit of delicious cheer and magic to the birthday girl or boy.

When you are lucky enough to attend a party, a birthday themed baking kit is also a fabulous gift that will be loved by all. 

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Party Bags

Our award winning bake kit party bags will rival any of the usual plastic filled varieties that end up at the bottom of the fruit bowl.  Our party bags are a memorable and unique gift that continue the fun after the party has ended.


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