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Children's Mental Health Week - Feelings Journal

The theme for Children's Mental Health Week in 2021 is 'Express Yourself'. The aim is to encourage children to find creative ways to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas and to help them feel good about themselves.

There are so many wonderful ways children can express their feelings and communicate their individuality. Baking is a fantastic way for children to focus on creative fun, showcase their unique talents and for building self esteem by giving them a sense of achievement in creating a treat to enjoy and share.

When families join together in the kitchen, opportunities to encourage and praise children on their efforts are more plentiful. Baking together is the ultimate activity to nurture expressive communication, foster closer bonds and it allows children to free their mind from any stress they may be feeling in the current situation. 

At Craft & Crumb, we are very proud to provide opportunities for our community to engage in uplifting baking experiences where they can learn to express themselves both emotionally and creativity with an extra burst of kindness. 

To encourage greater connections and free flowing communication, we have created a feelings journal for you to print for your children.

They can complete one each week to assist them to acknowledge and talk through their feelings. You can then discuss strategies to work through any issues they may be facing and help them show gratitude for what they have in their everyday life. 

CLICK HERE to download.