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How to host a Covid safe party

Parties might be coming back but the days of a few big bowls of crisps and a giant cake full of candles are gone for the short term to keep it all Covid safe.

Here are a few ways you can make sure all the party guests are well fed, happy and healthy.

Cupcake celebration creations

Blowing out candles on a giant cake and then handing out a slice is definitely on hold. You can still create some amazing celebration creations using cupcakes and give the party girl or boy their own cupcake with a candle to make their birthday wish. We have a number of cupcake kits that you can use to team with your theme.

Party food lunchbox

Giving each child their own little lunchbox is the ideal way to ensure everyone has enough food and it's also a fantastic way to cater to individual food tastes and allergies. There is also no wastage as any unfinished food can be taken home. You can include prepackaged fruit portions, sandwiches, sweeties bag, crisps or popcorn. 

 Water bottle labels

Printing out named labels for party guests water bottle is a great way to keep track of each child's drinks at the party. You can even print each label to match the party theme. 

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Individually labelled hand sanitiser party favour

Hand out small labeled hand sanitiser to each child to use at the the party and to take home with them. 

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Craft & Crumb Party Bags

Of course it isn't a party unless there is a Craft & Crumb party bag for everyone to take home. Our award winning bake kit party bags will rival any of the usual plastic filled varieties that end up at the bottom of the fruit bowl.  Our party bags are a memorable and unique gift that continue the fun after the party has ended.