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Hanukkah Baking

We have been crafting and baking Holiday memories since 2016 and love to see our wonderful community doing the same at this time of year.  We embrace all occasions to come together and celebrate all cultures. 

Hanukkah is the 8 day Jewish Festival of Lights, celebrated around the world. It is celebrated on different dates every year as it follows the Hebrew Calendar.

Each night of Hanukkah, a candle on the Menorah is lit to celebrate the miracle of oil lasting 8 days in the rededication of the Second Temple.  In addition to lighting the Menorah, Hanukkah is commentated with special prayers and other festivities such as playing games of dreidel, exchanging gifts or gelt and of course eating delicious food. 

Sharing a baking experience at Hanukkah, either in person or virtually, is the perfect opportunity to unite friends and families and celebrate. Our Happy Hanukkah cupcake kit is the perfect activity or gift this Hanukkah to let the light shine bright. 

Happy Hanukkah Cupcake Kit


Our happy Hanukkah cupcake kit contains everything you need to make a plate of wonderful cupcakes each with a hidden surprise... such fun!! Give the gift of baking this Hanukkah.

Hanukkah Colour & Craft Download

Keep little minds and hands busy with this free download.

Use pencils, markers or crafting supplies to make the lights shine bright this Hanukkah.