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Our favourite Christmas dishes

Well this year did not go as planned! The cancelled Christmas is just the icing on the 2020 cake.

We are all missing our families, our Christmas traditions and our favourite foods. Some of our most wonderful Christmas memories definitely revolve around what's on the table. 

Here are some of the dishes we are missing from our Christmas this year as no matter how hard we try, we can't make it as well as our family members.

Louise is missing her mum's bread sauce

No Christmas dinner is complete without bread sauce and Louise's mum apparently makes the best in town. Check out BBC good food for a great recipe. 

Click Here for the recipe

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 Kate is missing a her sister's meringue crunch pudding

Kate usually spends Christmas with her extended family and loves this delicious dessert that her sister Nicky makes each year. She has been kind enough to share the recipe with us. It may sound easy but it seems it never tastes quite right unless her sister whips it up!!

  • Whip up a large pot of double cream
  • Add in Camp coffee syrup to taste
  • Heat small pack of flaked almonds with icing sugar in frying pan over low heat until browned and crunchy
  • Add in a pack of crushed meringues to your cream and stir carefully so you still keep some chunks in the mixture
  • Top with your flaked almonds
  • Serve

 Lucy is missing her mum's profiteroles

Profiteroles are everything your could want in a dessert, crispy pastry, delicious cream and all covered in chocolate. Lucy's mum makes the best ones and she will be missing these on Christmas Day but is going to give it a go with this recipe from BBC good food. 

Click Here for the recipe


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Renee is missing her mum's Pavlova Wreath with a chocolate twist

Although technically it originated from New Zealand, the Pavlova is an Aussie Christmas staple. You can't go past Donna Hay when making this classic Summer desert. Add in a bit of melted chocolate or Nutella to the mix before cooking for a yummy twist just like Renee's mum.

Click Here for the recipe

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