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The Rule of Crumb - Kim Joy

In our weekly Rule of Crumb features, we take the opportunity to shed light on some of the most inspirational bakers in the business! This week we are talking to Kim-Joy, finalist for series nine of The Great British Bake Off in 2018. Kim Joy’s bakes are infamous for being unique and adorable, bringing joy to everyone who has the opportunity to try them! Kim Joy’s successful baking column in Guardian G2 is filled with fun recipes that both adults and children would love. In light of her new cookbook, Celebrate with Kim Joy: Cute Cakes and Bakes to Make Every Occasion Joyful in September, Kim Joy talks to us about what baking means to her. 

Photo credit @kimjoyskitchen

Photo credit - @kimjoyskitchen

What is your favourite baking recipe and why?

I don’t have one particular favourite, as I love learning and trying new things all the time! My partner Nabil always laughs and says I’ll make something he really loves to eat, and then I’ll never make it again!

What recipe do you bake most often for your loved ones? 

Lately probably Yorkshire puddings and a nice loaf of bread! If I do a cake design or anything decorated, I will probably just do it once and then move on to something else! Unless I do it as a video tutorial on my YouTube, that’s probably the only time I do it more than once. Or I’ll do it again but differently. I just love trying new things all the time. 

How/when did you learn to bake?

None of my family or anyone I knew before bake off really baked much! It was just something I dabbled in here and there when I had time, and it was always something I was drawn back to. I enjoyed the structure of baking, but also how you can be creative within that. So I just kept going, and it was probably a couple years before bake off where I had a bit of time and a proper kitchen for the first time (I’d moved in with my partner Nabil!) to spend more time baking and have space for actual equipment and stuff

What do you love the most about baking?

Most of all I think, it’s how baking can bring a smile to other peoples’ faces, and that in turn makes me happy! 

Photo credit - @kimjoyskitchen

Do you think it's important for parents to show their children how to bake/cook?

I think whatever parents can do with their children to make them feel unconditionally loved and encourage creativity is amazing! Whether that’s through baking/cooking, or anything else. But I do think baking and cooking are some of the best ways, and to be able to appreciate and know what good tasty food is, is an amazing thing! I don’t think I actually realised what good food was until I was 23, but now I think I’m a bit of a food snob sometimes haha!! But I love it! Food is amazing. 

Photo credit - @kimjoyskitchen