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Some testimonials from of our lovely customers...

'Hi Kate, Just to let you know the cake was an absolute hit! No one could believe I made it myself. I found it so easy to follow your instructions and loved making it and will be recommending to all!! Such a great idea!'
Cat Brown, Herts

'Just brilliant! I usually get so stressed making a cake for my daughters' birthdays but I actually enjoyed making this. The instructions are so easy and the end result was great. My baking efforts are usually pretty poor but this looked fab and tasted absolutely delicious. Thank you Craft and Crumb - I'll definitely be back next year if my kids don't persuade me to be back into the kitchen before then!!!' 
Liz P, London

'Every year I always struggle to find the time to make a cake for my son's birthday but having been recommended these kits by a friend I decided to try one out and loved it! The kit comes beautifully packed with everything you need in the right quantities and the step by step guide was very simple to follow.  I really enjoyed the whole experience and my son was delighted with the cake - it also tasted really yummy!  
Libby W, London

 'Love it' Easter cupcake Kit,
Lucie F Hampton

'So easy even Dad can do it!' I Would highly recommend Craft and Crumb to anyone. Instructions were really easy to follow, didn't need any specialist experiment, everything was provided. I was surprised how quick it was to make. And tasted delicious too, sponge was nice and light, with plenty of icing. Our daughter loved the rainbow design.'  
Chris N, London

"I love baking but my decorating skills aren’t really up to scratch. Your DIY cake kit was brilliant - so straightforward and the end result was delicious and looked spectacular. I didn’t really believe that I would be able to make such an impressive looking cake but with your step by step instructions you gave me the confidence to go off and create. My five year old daughter was thrilled”.  
Samantha N, London.

''I always really want to bake a cake for my son's birthdays but with work and life getting in the way I never seem to get round to it.   The Craft & Crumb kit saved me sooo much time - I didn't have to traipse around loads of shops and with everything there i found it so easy...the disposable cake pans were brilliant - hardly any washing up! My son loved his pirate cake and i was pretty chuffed too!''  
Katie H, London


''I'm a complete non-baker so these kits are a godsend for me! We did the Circus cake for my daughter's 7th birthday and it was a huge hit - both looked and tasted great! Will be doing this for all the kids' birthdays now!''
Julianne, London 

These are fantastic cake kits, including all you need (apart from fresh dairy) to create a show stopping celebration cake. I made the Rainbow cake for my daughters 2nd Birthday and it turned out so beautiful - considering I've never held a palette knife in my life I felt confident following the simple step by step instructions. The chef tips are a great help which are often not found with other recipes.
I especially love the use of quality organic ingredients and the sponge tasted wonderful. I will definitely be using Craft & Crumb again for myself and as the kits are so beautifully packaged I think they would even make a lovely gift. A big thanks to Kate for her fantastic customer service and going above and beyond to make sure our cake kit arrived on time over the bank holiday. Thank you again Craft & Crumb!! X

I really enjoyed making the Lion cake for my son's first birthday - the most stress-free, fun baking I've ever done!
NAT, London