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Lockdown Boredom Buster - Home school Mindfulness Jars

Sensory and mindfulness jars are fantastic for teach children the art of calming their thoughts and being present. Explaining to children that the glitter is like the thoughts in their mind gives them a visual cue for the noise that can result from over simulation. 

They can learn that they can't rush stillness, your have to be patient and just watch and wait for it to settle to the bottom of the jar. They can practice their mindful breathing skills and settle their mind in the process. The ultimate aim is that they can bring these skills and awareness to their everyday life, with or without the physical bottle.

What you need

Recycled jars or plastic bottles, Clear glue or glitter glue, food colouring, glitter, sequins or gems or small toys, hot water, glue gun.


  • Glue your small toy (can be farm animal, sea creatures, dinosaur, fairy...) or Lego character to the inside of the lid of the jar.
  • Fill the jar 1/3 of the way with your clear glue or glitter glue.
  • Add in the your desired amount of glitter and a few drops of food colouring. If you have used glitter glue, you may not need as much as if you used clear glue.
  • Add in any sequins, buttons or gems you have. You can also add in additional small toys or Lego. Don’t use too many or it will overfill the jar.
  • Add in the hot water with a parents close supervision. This should reach the top of the jar or bottle.
  • Put the lid on your jar or bottle and shake to mix thoroughly.
  • Add in more food colouring or glitter if it is not exactly as you wanted.
  • You can now add a small ring of glue with your glue gun and seal up the Jar or bottle.

Now your Home-school mindfulness jar is ready to shake and settle whilst you calm your mind. Enjoy!