Make Munch Repeat....

Introducing our newest party bag - The Sweetie Strings kit

Here at Craft and Crumb HQ we love nothing more than edible activities that keep kids busy and happy.  We have wonderful childhood memories of the iconic candy necklaces and the challenge of wanting to preserve the bling but the temptation to munch it all in one sitting was too much!

Bringing back the simplicity of an 80's childhood with a DIY twist, we are so excited to launch our latest party bag to the stable, the Sweetie String kit.

The party might have ended but the fun is only just beginning.. Boys and Girls alike will love this after party kit that will get those fine motor skills working hard, with a special treat at the end.

Our C&C taste testers spent hours creating all sorts of special bracelets, necklaces and superhero energy bands.  And only minutes to gobble it all up.

The kit comes with rainbow string and enough sweeties so your party guests can let their creativity fly!




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