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Make you own Sweetie Piñata

Spring is almost here and the good news is we can return to hosting people in our gardens for summer. We certainly have so many parties and celebrations to make up so why not make a fun Piñata to really make it a party to remember. 

What you need

Balloon, newspaper, different colour tissue paper, glue, plain flour paste (1 part flour to 2 parts water), Scissors, strong string/twine, covered sweeties like Fruittella, treat size chocolate and Harribo mini bags, poster paint.


  • Inflate a big balloon to your required size.
  • Make up your flour paste, 1-part flour to 2-parts water and mix well.
  • Cut large strips of newspaper, dip into the flour paste and cover the balloon. Make sure you leave enough space at the top so you can fit your sweets in.
  • Let the first layer dry completely and then begin your second layer of newspaper.
  • When the second layer is completely dry you can pop and remove the balloon.
  • Use a skewer to put a hole in each side of the top of the piñata and thread your string/ribbon/ twine through to create your piñata handle.
  • To decorate your Piñata, take your coloured tissue paper and cut into strips. Scrunch the tissue paper to create small balls and glue onto the Piñata until it is completely covered. You can paint it first if you wish to have a solid base. This will need to be completely dry before you apply the tissue paper.
  • Place your sweeties inside the pinata and seal the top around your handle by using glue and a few layers of tissue paper.


Now your pinata is ready to hang. Enjoy!