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Mindful Crafting - Stained glass suncatcher

Embrace some screen free time this week and get the family together to create a beautiful stained glass suncatcher.

Clear your thoughts and practice mindfulness with your colouring and creating and then relax while you watch the sun beams through your suncatcher filling your room with all the colours of the rainbow. 

What you will need

Clear sticky-back plastic, Paper plate, Glitter, Colour cellophane, Scissors, Ribbon and Paint or markers


  1. Carefully cut out the middle section of the paper plate to leave a full circle.
  2. Paint or colour both sides of the paper plate and allow to dry.
  3. Using the paper plate as your template, cut out two circles of clear sticky-back plastic. Leave the paper back on for now.
  4. Cut your hanging ribbon to your chosen size and loop around the top of the plate and secure with a knot.
  5. Unpeel the first piece of sticky-back plastic, attach to the back of the plate and lay on a table with the sticky side up.
  6. Gently dust with a small amount of glitter.
  7. Cut up the cellophane into small shapes and place on the sticky back plastic until you are happy with your coverage and design.
  8. Now add a little bit more glitter and place the other circle of sticky-back plastic on top to seal your design.

Your mini stained glass suncatcher is now ready to hang in your window to capture the sunshine.