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Planet friendly and eco gifts with WWF

The amount of single or limited use plastic toys and novelties given to children in a party bag or as a gift troubled us and we knew there was a better way forward. We’ve been on a mission for 5 years to reduce plastic waste in our baking kits and provide recyclable food grade packaging.

Baking Activity Bundle

To have our kits listed in the WWF shop is a testament to how far we’ve come on our sustainable journey. Thank you for working with us on this @wwf_uk, we’ve enjoyed every step of our journey with you so far. 

WWF have an extensive range of planet-friendly products from the most sustainable sources possible. We are absolutely thrilled to present our first product with WWF, our Easter Egg Bake & Hunt Kit. You can shop it here. 

WWF Support

Learn more about the wonderful work of the WWF and explore options to show your support. You can adopt an animal or donate or shop.  In adopting, you will receive a wonderful welcome pack, an optional soft toy and regular updates.  By adopting or donating you'll be helping to protect precious habitats around the world and all the species which rely on them.  Click Here to find out more.