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2020 has been a quite the year! Nothing much has gone to plan but here at Craft & Crumb we like to look for the rainbow cupcakes in every storm.  



One of the biggest positives we have taken from this year is that we have spent quality time with our kids and have had more opportunities to teach them valuable life skills in the kitchen and around the house. We have been so impressed with how resilient and strong they have been through all the uncertainty and separation from their friends and extended family.

As we slowly return to normal with schools opening next month, we can start to get excited to celebrate life’s milestones again with our loved ones. Birthday parties, whether current or belated, are especially important to remind children they still have a network that cares for them.



Through this experience, we now value time with our friends and family more than ever. To ensure these reunions can continue, it is essential to follow a few rules when planning your next party.
With government guidelines changing daily, we thought we would try to clear it all up and give you some inspiration to plan the perfect socially distanced and safe celebration for your kids in the coming months.
Make sure you check the rules for your region closer to the date of your party to ensure there haven’t been any last minute changes.



According to GOV.UK, the latest guidelines for parties are as follows: 

  • You should only have close contact with others in your household. Save the birthday hugs and kisses for 2021.
  • Unless you want to eat every slice of your birthday cake, remember to hold the big puffs when blowing out your candles. Maybe consider putting the candles on a single cupcake or a sparkler.
  • Check the weather forecast for your party as its outdoor parties only if your guests are from more than two households.
  • If all your guests are from two households you can have your party indoors.
  • No big sleepover parties just yet as you can only stay overnight away from your home in groups of up to two households.
  • Cap your invite list at 29 as its still against the law for gatherings of more than 30 people to take place in private homes (including gardens and other outdoor spaces).
  • Even though you can technically invite 29 of your nearest and dearest, the government does still advise that private gatherings with people from more than two households should only have maximum of six people from different households.
  • Set up a handwashing and sanitiser station for everyone at the party. It doesn’t have to be like a medical centre, why not have some fun with it, add some flowers, moisturising soaps and make it more like a day spa.


Just because there are a lot of rules, doesn’t mean you can’t have a super special party, it just takes a bit of creative thinking. We have come up with a few solutions to help you with your planning.

Set up a miniature campsite in your backyard with little teepees or bean bags, a campfire for roasting marshmallows and watch your favourite movie on the big screen. This could also work if your kids are into video games. Serve up BBQ hot dogs and the kids can go home with a Craft & Crumb Marshmallow goo popcorn kit party bag.


Set up a socially distanced disco for your kids to bust a move. You could consider an online dance teacher to teach them the latest TikTok dance or hire a silent disco set to get them dancing without bothering the neighbours. Set up dance mats around the garden for each person so they have their own space to boogie. Serve up individual lunch boxes and drinks to each dance mat and send them home with a Craft & Crumb Chocolate Chip Cookie party bag.



Invite your guests to come dressed in their favourite fairy tale costume with a teddy bear. Mini picnic rugs along with a yummy picnic basket served up whilst you all play traditional party games such as musical statues, Simon says, pin the heart on the teddy bear or sleeping lions. Send your guests home with a Craft & Crumb Fairytale cupcake kit party bag or Teddy Bear biscuit kit party bag.




Even though the real Olympics were postponed, you can still hold your very own 2020 Garden Olympic Party. Host events such as an egg and spoon race, sack race, long jump or pinata baseball. Hold your own medal ceremony and send your guests home with a Craft & Crumb Biscuit medal kit party Bag.




Sometimes it’s just not possible to physically get together, whether it’s a geographical distance or you want to include elderly or vulnerable family members in your celebrations. Why not host a virtual quiz party using Kahoot and give each participant their own Craft & Crumb Magic Mug kit party bag in advance. This will give everyone on your call a  cake in a mug that only takes a minute to create and bake. When it’s time to sing happy birthday to the birthday girl or boy, nobody has to miss out on a delicious mug of cake. Want to send party bags direct to each guest? No problem, just let us know the addresses and we can organise it all for you. 




Through lockdown, we have all had to learn a few more at home beauty tricks. Use those new skills to host your own DIY pamper party. Provide each guest with their own salon station complete with natural facial cleansers, masks and moisturisers. Supply a nail art kit and teach the kids how to do their own fabulous nail designs.  Serve up a mini high tea for each guest complete with scones and ribbon sandwiches and send them home with a Craft & Crumb Sweetie string party bag.




Plan a fun garden treasure hunt for your guests and have them take turns in walking the plank. Or you can do a virtual scavenger hunt around the neighbouhood with a list of local sights and sounds. You could also do some fun craft activities such as decorate your own pirate ship or pirate sword. Serve up delicious treats in a treasure chest lunchbox and send them home with a Craft & Crumb Pirate cupcake kit party bag.