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Virtual Zoom Parties

From kids parties to work drinks, everyone will love a virtual baking party!

 We have so many fun and delicious kits for your next Zoom Celebration.  
All kits can be used for children’s parties, adult celebrations, Christmas parties or workplace end of week events. 
Each Zoom Party kit comes with 6 baking or edible crafting kits and can be sent directly to each person.

Meet Madame Chocolat!

The virtual baking hostess extraordinaire.

Madame chocolat is now available to host your Zoom Parties.
It’s the party we have all been waiting for, fuss free and full of fun.
Simply follows these steps to secure your party with your very own professional baking host:
Invite all your friends that you want to attend your party. Tally up the the RSVP's and start planning the type of baking you want to do at your party.
Simply order your Zoom baking kits from the Craft & Crumb website.  Select if you want them all delivered to your address to personally drop off to your friends or enter all the addresses and we will send them all out for you.
Madame Chocolat
With you order, let us know  if you would like Madame Chocolat to attend your party. The charge for your host will be £100. Don't forget to include the date of your party.
Party Day
On the day, Madame Chocolat will join your zoom call and guide you and your besties through your baking and decorating journey. Whilst everything is cooking and cooling she will play some party games to make your day extra magical.
Finish the day off enjoying your creations.

 Choose from one of our delicious Zoom kits

Birthday mug cake party box
Sweetie jewellery craft activity party box
Rainbow Cupcake Baking party box
Birthday biscuits baking party box
Giant Cookie baking party box
Pizza biscuit baking party box