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Sleepover success


Kids want a sleepover, but worried it’ll be a sleepless disaster?

Bundle Bed Founder, Lucy Bartlett, offers her top tips for a fun sleepover that keeps a smile on both the parents and kids faces!

As the school holidays approach, the inevitable cry of ‘mummy, can I have a sleepover, pleeeeeeeeeeease?!’ starts. Bedtimes are already an adventure, let alone at a sleepover with the addition of sugar, excitement, and guests! BUT, with a few early preparations and some easy entertaining, they can be great fun for everyone involved… yes, even the parents!

Here are some of our top tips for hosting a slumber party, whilst ensuring that the ‘sleep’ remains part of the sleepover…


A group activity, like making and decorating cupcakes, brings everyone together and is a great way to kick the party off. By starting with this kind of activity, it also gives everyone time to make and bake, and then eat the treats before it gets too close to bedtime.

We love the baking kits from Craft & Crumb – they have kits for every age; from the Ultimate Cookie Creator kits, to Burger cupcake kits, or Dinosaur biscuit baking and craft kits.


We’re always keen to encourage mini-guests to get outside into the garden or a park to to burn off a bit of energy and tire them out. Traditional favourites like ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf’ or ‘Hide & Seek’ can be a winner or, for dusky evenings, try torch tag.


When feeding a crowd (especially with little eaters all liking different things) keep it simple. Why not make homemade pizzas.

Whether you make your own dough, or buy ready-made pizza bases, the kids can get involved with adding the tomato base and adding different toppings - that way they can pick and choose. Add a big plate of crudites into the centre of the table to tick the box of some veg - great fun and an easy nutritious meal!


Why not transform a room into a cosy mini village with pillows and blankets so that everyone is sleeping on the floor together (no arguments over who gets the top bunk!) – or even better, roll out a Bundle Bed which will make tidy up the next day that much easier!

Bundle Beds really do ensure a great night's sleep for the kiddos! With the pillow and duvet buttoned in top and bottom, there is no losing bedding in the night. The bottom of the bed can be zipped up slightly around the kids feet, to stop their duvet slipping off them at night. They also have the option of waterproof sheets so there’s no worries about hot chocolate spills or nighttime accidents – it all strips off and goes into the wash!



Wind down the night with the age-old favourite of movies and popcorn. It goes without saying that the films should be age-appropriate – we tend to err on the side of caution and hit the Disney classics, or make sure we’ve watched whatever’s going to be played to avoid nightmares! Set up a projector or get everyone together for a living room cinema (Bundle Beds work well as VIP seating!): and, of course, ensure that there is plenty of popcorn available. The Craft & Crumb mini movie night popcorn kit is a winner for this!



The all-important, and much-loved, midnight feast!

A midnight feast (and when I say midnight, I mean 7pm!) doesn’t have to mean sugar overload. It’s amazing how easily fruit and veg can become fun food - for example satsumas can become pumpkins and bananas can become ghosts for a Halloween themed feast… You’ll have your kids believing you’re a real-life witch with the easiest of culinary magic! Check out this amazing platter from @liddierowl for Halloween inspiration, or why not give them a monster midnight treat with these fun toasts.

Or, if you’re trying to persuade the little party animals to get into bed, try a morning feast over a midnight feast. Tuck everyone up with the promise that when they wake at daylight there will be a surprise, pre-breakfast, treat waiting at the end of their beds. Sneak in a snack when everyone is in the lad of nod. 

Here’s to a fab sleepover party filled with fun & most importantly a great night’s sleep!